Yealink Call Transfer Guide

Modified on Tue, 11 Jun 2024 at 10:05 AM

You can transfer a call on the Yealink SIP-T53/T53W in three ways:

  • Blind Transfer: Transfer a call directly to another party without consulting.

  • Semi-Attended Transfer: Transfer a call when the target phone is ringing.

  • Attended Transfer: Transfer a call with prior consulting.

All three ways can be performed using either the transfer key (physical or soft), a DSS key, or a BLF key. 

Transferring Calls with the Transfer Key

An active call can be transferred to a number, a local contact, a number from a  call history record, or a contact from a remote phone book.  

To transfer a call:

  • Press    or the Transfer soft key during a call.
  • Enter a phone number to transfer the call to or do one of the following:
  • If you have configured a Speed Dial key, you can press it to transfer the call to its associated contact directly.

  • Press the Directory soft key and select Local Directory.

    Select the desired group and search for a local contact.

  • Press the Directory soft key and select History.

    Select the desired list and select a call history record.

  • Press the Directory soft key and select Remote Phone Book.

    Select the desired group and search for a remote contact.

  • For a blind transfer Select B Transfer or press   to complete the transfer.

  • For an attended/semi-attended transfer  press    or the Send soft key to dial out.

    • Press    or  the Transfer soft key when receiving a ringback to complete a semi-attended transfer.

    • After the party answers the call, press   or the Transfer soft key to complete an attended transfer.

If you are using a handset, an attended/semi-attennded transfer can be completed by hanging up the handset.

You can cancel the transfer before the call is connected by pressing the Cancel soft key.

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