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Here’s how to Auto Provision Cisco SPA112 and SPA122 VoIP Adapter from RingOffice. RingOffice Auto-Provisioning service makes configuring VoIP Adapters very simple. This post will show you how to auto provision your Cisco SPA112 and SPA122 VoIP Adapter / ATA for use with RingOffice Business Line, Fax and Home Phone services.

Please note that a valid RingOffice service is required for your VoIP Adapter / ATA to be auto provisioned. You will also need to provide your RingOffice Rep with the MAC address of your device in advance so that it can be associated with the service and account to be configured on your device. The MAC address is printed on the packaging as well as on a label underneath the device.

In this guide, we are working with a Cisco SPA122 VoIP Adapter. The software interface of the SPA112 is similar but not identical. However following these steps may still be helpful in setting-up Auto-Provisioning on the SPA112 or other Cisco ATA models.

Click here to get the latest firmware for Cisco SPA112 and SPA122


Step 1 – Getting started with your Cisco SPA122 VoIP Adapter / ATA

Connect a network cable from the blue Internet port on the Cisco SPA122 to your router or network switch. Now connect another network cable from the yellow Ethernet port of the SPA122 to your computer’s network jack (this is needed since the SPA122 does not allow you access to its web interface without changing the default password). Connect an analog telephone set to the SPA122’s Phone 1 port. Plug the supplied power cable into the SPA122 and wait 60 seconds for the unit to power up.

Auto Provision Cisco SPA112 and SPA122 VoIP Adapter

Cisco SPA122 VoIP Adapter ATA ports

Step 2 – Finding the IP address of your Cisco SPA122 and accessing its web interface

Local Web Access: This requires you to plug your computer directly into the Ethernet port of the VoIP Adapter. On your computer, enter the Cisco SPA122 default IP Address in your web browser. (If that does not work, you can check/confirm the Ethernet IP address by dialing **** followed by 220# from your telephone set – see detailed explanation below).  You should now see the Cisco SPA122 Web Interface. Since your computer may not always be connected to the Ethernet port of this device, you can enable remote management to allow access to the web interface when you are not directly connected (i.e. over your network via the Internet port). However, to do this you must change the admin password of the device.

Remote Web Access: If remote management is already enabled on your device, you don’t need to connect a computer to the Ethernet port directly. Instead, you can use the dialpad on the analog telephone set plugged into the Phone 1 jack and dial **** to enter the Cisco SPA122 Voice Configuration Menu. Once you hear “Enter a menu option”, enter 110# from the telephone dialpad and the ATA will play its IP address to the phone, e.g. Enter this IP Address in your web browser down this IP address to get to the Cisco SPA122 Web Interface.

Cisco SPA112/122 Login Page

Cisco SPA112/122 Login Page

Note: You can enable Remote Web Access from a Phone: You can enable remote web access either from a computer connected to the Ethernet port by locally accessing the web interface or you can re-enter the voice configuration menu from your analog telephone by pressing **** and then press 7932#. The prompt will ask you to press 1 to enable the wan web server and 1 to confirm.

Step 3 – How to Factory Reset your Cisco SPA112/SPA122 VoIP Adapter

If your device is brand new, skip to step 4. If your device is not new, use your telephone handset to dial ****followed by 73738# (RESET#) from the Voice Menu to do a factory reset on the Cisco SPA112/122 VoIP Adapter. You will be asked to enter 1 to confirm resetting the device. The unit will then reset itself and reboot.

Step 4. Logging into your Cisco SPA112/SPA122 ATA web interface

The default username is “admin” and default password is “admin”.  It is a good idea to change the default password to protect your Cisco SPA112/SPA122 ATA from unauthorized users.

Step 5. Configuring your Cisco SPA112/SPA122 for RingOffice auto-provisioning

Click on “Voice” from the top menu. On the Voice page, click on “Provisioning” from the left side menu. On the Provisioning page, make the following changes/entries:
– Provision Enable: Yes
– Resync on Reset: Yes
– Profile Rule: [–key $B]$A/$MA.cfg
– GPP A: 60
– GPP B: (if provided by RingOffice)
– Transport Protocol: http

Once you save and reboot, your Cisco SPA112/SPA122 VoIP Adapter will reach out to RingOffice and download its settings. To force the device to load/reload its RingOffice Provisioning file, you can turn the device off and then back on or reboot it using the link: (where is the IP address of your device).

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